The Islamics Centres establishment and aims

The Centre for Islamic Enlightening, known as The Hippodrome Islamic Centre in Golders Green, was established in 1986 in a flat in the heart of the British capital, for practising Jafaria Shia Islamic faith.

Since its early establishment, the Foundation has engaged in the establishment of sacred Islamic religious programs and rituals related to the Ahlulbayt school of thought, as well as cultural, social and educational programs throughout the year benefiting hundreds of people in London and the whole of Britain.

The move to the Hippodrome in summer 2017 was a pivotal focus and a cultural challenge to the management of the center, because the place is a symbol and a landmark in North West London which is referred to as The Iconic Hippodrome.

There is no doubt that the management committee has great responsibility and a rare opportunity to show the pure and true Islam. Our spiritual guides are promoting of peace and mutual existence, renunciation of violence and hatred, encouraging dialogue and tolerance, encouraging voluntary and charitable work and preserving and glorifying human heritage.

We deplore all forms of hate, furthermore bigotry & extremism have no place in our community.

We are looking to start different programs & events such as religious, social, educational and management courses tailored to benefit different age groups male and female, as well as entertainment programs for families and wider community.

Preservation of The Hippodrome will be the responsibility of this institution, we will strive to maintain a very good and cooperative relationship with The Hippodrome neighbors. We are a young community keen to learn from our experience, we will try to be a professional addition to the historical culture of Golders Green.

At the end we need to stress that lectures delivered in this centre by any speaker are their personal in take from a historic event and they do not represent opinion of the trustees of this centre.