Kidnapping of Sayyed Hussain Shirazi by Iranian Revolutionary Guard

With deep regret and sadness, this morning (06.03.2018) we received unprecedented news of kidnapping of Ayatollah Sayed Hussain Shirazi, son of our religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Shirazi, by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRG) and Iranian Intelligent Secret (IIS).

Both scholars were on their way back from their daily lesson at the Imam Zain Al-Abideen mosque, adjacent to the Holy Shrine of Sayeda Masooma in the Holy city of Qom. Their vehicle was intercepted in a very busy street by three IRG and IIS cars.

His eminence Grand Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Shirazi and his son Ayatollah Sayed Hussain Shirazi were taken out of their car; beaten, humiliated, and sworn at on the street in front of shop owners and bystanders who unfortunately did not have the courage and gut to intervene and help the scholars.

They were pushed to the ground, their turbans were thrown away, dragged on the street, and finally Sayed Hussain was beaten in front of his father, tasered and pulled into a vehicle and driven away to an unknown location.

This is not the first brutal incident against a religious authority or the Shirazi family. Previous incidents targeting other members of the Shirazi family have taken place as well as incidents that targeted the previous religious authority Grand Ayatollah Sayed Mohammed Shirazi (brother to the current religious authority). The Grand Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Shirazi is a global leading religious authority, with millions of followers across the world. His Eminence lives in the holy city of Qom.

It is worth mentioning that the Iranian authorities had issued last month a summon and an arrest warrant against Ayatollah Hussein al-Shirazi for criticizing the mandate Wilayat al-Faqih in a lecture. The Shirazi religious authority is independent and calls for the independence of the Islamic seminary and the Religious Authorities from the governments.

To conclude, we as British Shia Muslims, and followers of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi request that his eminence Sayyed Hussain Shirazi to be released immediately.



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