Attack on the Iranian Embassy in London

This morning a group of people affiliated to Yasser AlHabib owner of Fadak TV, climbed on to the first-floor balcony of the Iranian embassy in London. They brought down the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran and waved their own flag, they claim that this protest was against the government of Iran for kidnapping of Sayyed Hussain Shirazi son of Sayyed Sadiq Shirazi in the holly city of Qom on Tuesday 06.03.2018 by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRG).

The teaching of Ayatollah Sayyed Sadiq Shirazi is based on peace and non-violence, therefore we as the followers and representing office of this great scholar here in the UK, strongly condemn the hostile and riot that took place today outside the Iranian embassy.

We would like to clarify that this rioters and their supporters are not associated with Markaz El Tathgheef El Eslami (Rasool Al-Adham) centre, furthermore they do not represent Sayyed Sadiq Shirazi in the UK.